thursday nights

Wing/Beer/Pizza night

friday nights

Roast beef buffet

saturday nights

One dines, second gets their meal for ½ price on plate of equal or lesser price





    Classic Breakfast - $6.75
    2 eggs any style, bacon, ham or sausage, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    Classic with Peameal - $7.50
    The same taste as the classic breakfast but with peameal bacon instead.

    ½ Classic Breakfast - $ 5.75
    1 egg any style, with bacon, ham or sausage, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    The Alibi Trio - $ 10.95
    2 eggs any style, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, ham, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    Eggs Benny - $9.95
    2 poached eggs with peameal bacon on an English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce with tea or coffee.

    Steak and Eggs - $12.95
    2 eggs any style, steak, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee

    Waffles & Pancakes

    Waffles - $ 8.95
    Waffles topped with custard, fruit, berries and whipped cream.

    3 freshly made pancakes with butter and syrup - $6.25
    3 freshly made pancakes with fruit, butter and syrup - $ 7.75

    French Toast - $ 6.25
    Specialty bread dipped in our homemade French toast batter, grilled to perfection served with syrup and fruit.

    Oatmeal - $4.40
    Hot oatmeal served with cream and brown sugar. 


    Western - $ 8.45
    3 eggs with onion and ham, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    Veggie - $8.45
    3 egg with mushroom, green pepper, onion, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    Greek - $9.95
    3 eggs, black olives, green onion, tomato, feta cheese, toast, home fries, baked beans with tea or coffee.

    The Euro - $7.95
    Plain yogurt with müeslix and fruit. Tea or coffee included. 

    Toast - $2.25
    Breakfast meat - $2.75
    Baked Beans - $1.00
    Egg - $1.00
    Cretons - $2.25

    Lunch and Dinner


    Soup of the Day - $3.95

    French Onion Soup - $6.95
    Hearty broth with Spanish onions, topped with a three cheese blend.

    Maritime Clam Chowder - $6.95
    A favourite in the Maritimes! Now available to us. It’s our secret recipe! Includes fresh crusty bread.


    Chef Salad - Small $ 3.25 Large $6.95
    A bed of leafy lettuce with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers and choice of dressing.

    The Alibi - $11.95
    A hearty salad! Topped with chicken, egg, tomatoes, onions, bacon and pecans, served with your choice of dressing.

    Caesar Salad - Small $ 5.95 Large $7.95
    Romaine lettuce with bacon bits, croutons, topped with fresh parmesan and our caesar

    Grilled Chicken Caesar - $10.95
    A scrumptious Caesar Salad, as described above, topped with a delicious grilled chicken


    The Alibi Nacho - $ 9.95 With Chicken or Beef - $11.95 Guacamole - $2.00
    Hand cut tortilla chips, layered with black olives, cheese, hot peppers, red onions and green peppers, served with a side of salsa and sour cream. 

    Garlic Bread - $5.95 With Cheese - $6.95
    Fresh baked bread, topped with garlic butter. With or without cheese.

    Fried Pickles - $5.95
    Crispy battered dill pickle spears, served with a special dipping sauce.

    Mozzie Sticks - $6.95
    Lightly battered fried mozzarella cheese, served with marinara sauce.

    Zucchini Sticks - $5.95
    Lightly battered fried zucchini, served with sour cream or bistro dip.

    Bruchetta - $9.95
    Crispy crostini, topped with fresh tomatoes, basil pesto and sprinkled with feta cheese and balsamic glaze.

    Shrimp - $8.95
    Lightly fried battered shrimp, served with a tangy dipping sauce, or cocktail sauce.

    Clam Strips - $8.95
    Lightly battered strips served with your choice of cocktail sauce or our specialty dipping sauce.

    Sample Platter - $18.95
    A smorgasbord of delights! Fried pickles, bruchetta, zucchini sticks, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks.


    What’s your type?
    Fried: fried until goldenOven Roasted: Twice BakedCoated: Lightly breaded and fried

    What’s your flavour?
    Plain, Mild, Medium, Hot, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Teriaki, 40 creek

    What’s your hunger?

    Regular (1lbs) $12.95
    Double (2lbs) $22.95

    Spinach Dip - $9.95
    Spinach combined with cream cheese,parmesan and cheddar cheese,garlic, basil and peppers,served with a generous portion of home fried nacho chipsGreat for Sharing!


    Chicken Caesar - $9.95
    Romaine lettuce, bacon bits, chicken and tomatoes, lightly tossed in Caesar dressing, allwrapped into a tortilla.

    Club Wrap - $9.95
    Turkey, tomatoes, bacon and mayo, nestled in a blanket of lettuce and wrapped into a tortilla.

    Greek Wrap - $10.95
    Lettuce, seasoned chicken, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, black olives and feta cheese with a drop of tzatziki sauce, rolled up tightly in a tortilla.

    Veggie Wrap - $9.95
    A generous amount of fresh veggies, topped with ranch dressing, served on a bed of lettuce, wrapped up in a tortilla.

    Steak & Cheese - $12.95
    Warm steak, sautéed onions, cheese and a light coat of BBQ sauce in a warm wrap.

    Specialty Sandwiches

    Smoked Meat Sandwich - $6.95 Platter $9.95
    A generous portion of tender smoked meat with mustard on fresh Rye bread.
    Ruben Sandwich - $7.25 Platter $10.50
    Smoked meat with swiss cheese, saurkraut and a drop of Russian dressing, nestled between2 slices of grilled Rye bread.

    Club Sandwich, a triple decker delight - $12.95
    Bacon, tomato, lettuce and turkey on three slices of white or brown toasted bread, with mayo.

    The Alibi Philly Cheese Steak - $12.95 Platter
    Tender steak with sautéed onions, green peppers, mushrooms and melted cheese, grilled to perfection. Served au jus.

    Hot Sandwiches

    Hot Beef - $10.95
    Thinly sliced roast beef stacked between two pieces of bread, covered with gravy, servedwith your choice of potatoes, vegetables and coleslaw.

    Hot Turkey - $10.95
    Your choice of turkey on bread, covered with gravy, served with your choice of potatoes, vegetables and coleslaw.

    Regular Sandwiches - $5.00

    Roast Beef
    Ham & Cheese


    Hamburger - $5.95
    Juicy 5oz. patty with the works. 

    Cheese Burger - $6.50
    5oz. patty with melted cheese and the works.

    Bacon & Cheese Burger - $7.25
    As above, just add some delicious bacon.

    Grilled Chicken Burger - $6.50
    Grilled, not fried, on a fresh bun with the works

    7” Hot Dog - $3.50 


    Small Fish & Chips - $9.95
    8oz. haddock fillet, dipped in a home made beer batter and deep fried.

    Large Fish & Chips - $12.95

    Glazed Teriyaki Salmon - $17.95
    Salmon fillet served with rice and vegetables.

    Salmon Fillet - $17.95
    Served with a light lemon dill sauce, rice and vegetables.

    Grilled Haddock - $12.95
    Flaky haddock served with your choice of rice or potato and vegetables.

    Add Garlic Shrimp to any meal (3oz) - $5.95

    an Italian Touch

    Baked Spaghetti - $11.95
    Homemade sauce with melted golden brown cheese and garlic bread.

    The Deluxe Baked Spaghetti - $13.95
    All the goodness of above with your choice of pepperoni or smoked meat.

    Baked Lasagna - $11.95
    Layered lasagna noodles, with homemade sauce topped with melted golden brown cheese.

    Deluxe Baked Lasagna - $13.95
    All the goodness of above with your choice of pepperoni or smoked meat.

    Chicken Parmesan - $13.95
    Grilled chicken breast topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with
    garlic bread.

    Shrimp Alfredo - $16.95
    Plump juicy shrimp in a homemade Alfredo sauce, served over a bed of noodles.

    Chicken Alfredo - $14.95
    Pieces of chicken breast in a homemade Alfredo sauce, served over a bed of noodles. 


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